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Our Staff

Key Staff

Kildare College staff are a dynamic and inspiring team of professionals who share a deep commitment to educating and supporting our students.

Staff can be contacted through the College office.

Leadership Team  
Mrs Tina Neate        Principal
Ms Michelle Camilleri Deputy Principal
Mrs Lil Mader Business Manager
Mr Raymond Kropinski Director of Teaching and Learning
Mr Enrico Caprioli Director of Pastoral Care
Ms Angelica Paussa Middle Years Coordinator
Mr Greg Larwood   Senior Years Coordinator
Ms Kathy Hennig Transition Coordinator
Mrs Linda Dolling Living Justice | Living Peace Coordinator
House Leaders  
Ms Laura Fullgrabe Brigid House Leader
Ms Rachel Gregor Chanel House Leader
Mr Daniel Chetcuti Delany House Leader
Mrs Zefi Pezos Kildare House Leader
Ms Gabrielle Reyes Nagle House Leader
Future Innovation Coaches  
Ms Rebecca Sarvas  
Mr Nicholas Kellett-Southby  
Curriculum Coordinators  
Ms Emma Hughes Religious Education
Ms Kara Steward Art, Design and Technology
Mr Patrick Johnson English
Ms Emma Hughes Humanities
Ms Emma Morrow Maths / Maths Pathways
Mrs Alicia Elson Physical Education / Outdoor Education
Ms Marie Booth Science / STEM
Mrs Anne Roberts Future Pathways
Ms Cherrell Murray Learning Enrichment
Curriculum Key Teachers  
Ms Sue Nairn Dance
Mr Shaun Castles Drama
Mr Anthony Vottari Languages
Mr Russell McGlone Music
Ms Marie Booth STEM Partnerships
Mrs Alicia Elson RISE
Learning Enrichment Key Teachers   
Ms Sophie Mullen EALD
Mr Patrick Johnson Gifted and Talented
Ms Stephanie Armitt Principal's Assistant
Ms Kristy Reid Student Reception
Ms Georgia Stavropoulos  College Counsellor
Ms Alexandra Drew  College Counsellor
Mrs Melissa Gartner College Counsellor
Mrs Anne Roberts Future Pathways Coordinator

* Correct as of May 2023

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