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Nothing is impossible for a Kildare girl

Kildare is a student-centred secondary college for girls in Years 7-12. 

It is much more than a college; it is a place where you are inspired and supported to follow your own learning pathway. 

We look forward to welcoming you on an upcoming college tour to discover the Kildare difference for yourself.

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Year 7 at Kildare College

We asked some of our Year 7 students to reflect on their time so far at Kildare College, as part of secondary school. This is what they had to say!

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Kildare College: A College for Girls' in Year 7-12

Research shows girls achieve better results in an all girls setting.

Discover why an all girls education at Kildare College is the right choice for your daughter.



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Kildare College Old Scholars: I'm a Kildare Girl

We asked some of our Old Scholars to reflect on their time at Kildare College, how their experience shaped their career and what they’re doing now.

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Kildare College: Discover the opportunities for your daughter

Kildare College is a student-centred Secondary College for Girls’ in Year 7-12, located in Holden Hill, South Australia. Discover the Kildare difference, and the opportunities available for your daughter, on our next College tour.


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