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Technology at Kildare

At Kildare, the use of technology is fundamental to all areas of learning. We have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy where the students being their own laptops to school and use their own devices throughout the day to support the use of SEQTA, our online learning management system. Students use SEQTA to view notices, submit homework, access resources, receive marks and feedback from teachers and communicate with College staff. Students are able to submit work electronically and reflect on their performance.

Teaching staff use SEQTA for attendance, notices, teaching and learning programs, student resources, reports and feedback.

SEQTA works hand in hand with Office 365 which we are embracing across our College community. The collaborative features of the software are essential for learning in the 21st Century.

At Kildare, we use a virtual desktop which gives students access to the College network and software from home. The College community also has access to Atomic Learning which is an online software training resource.

These combined resources provide students with a strong Information Technology background which allows them to competently use the technologies of today as well as transfer their knowledge to the new and emerging technologies of tomorrow.

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