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Student Wellbeing

At Kildare, we care for your daughter as a whole person. Our strong focus on student wellbeing covers all aspects of college life. Our specific programs and services ensure that Kildare is a supportive, welcoming and nurturing environment for all students.


Girls Achieve Program

Our Girls Achieve Program (GAP) provides an opportunity for students to meet in year level House groups each week. These lessons and activities provide opportunities for peer bonding and support with a focus on building confidence, self esteem and a sense of belonging to help students achieve their full potential.

These lessons also provide an opportunity for students to hear from guest speakers on topics ranging from health and wellbeing to career counselling.


Peer Support

Our Kildare Peer Support Leaders are carefully selected Year 11 students whose role it is to support our Year 7 and Year 8 students during their first year of secondary schooling. Peer Support Leaders are each linked to a small group of students that they meet with regularly. During this time, the Peer Support Leaders facilitate a range of activities and lead discussion time to help the transition to high school. Peer Support Leaders also fulfil the role of a 'big sister' on camps, with one leader in each dormitory and in activity groups.

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Caring for our students

Kildare College has a Counsellor, Social Worker and Chaplain on staff to help support students during their time with us. A range of services are available to care for each individual's health, wellbeing and spirituality.


Pastoral Care

The vertical grouping of students in their pastoral care groups breaks down age barriers and creates a peer network for support, friendship and mentoring. This positive daily interaction between our students and staff is an invaluable and powerful way of developing positive relationships and a sense of belonging. Students remain within the same group for their entire schooling.

Strength and Gentleness