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Middle Years Vision

Our vision for the Middle Years

Challenge. Inspire. Act.

Our student centred approach responds to the changing world and the challenges, needs and developing maturity of emerging adolescents. It provides a broad, connected teaching and learning program which engenders a spirit of inquiry and fosters creative and critical thinking.

The professional practice of our Middle Years teachers includes rigorous planning and preparation to produce engaging and authentic lessons. The General Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum play a significant role in our teaching and learning program which is project based, relevant and challenging. We want to inspire our students to take responsibility for their learning, be positive risk takers and achieve personal excellence.

As a Kildare Ministries school our core values provide the foundation on which we base all teaching and learning. Well-being for learning is at the core and underpins everything that happens at Kildare College. Our focus on pastoral care is explicit, implicit and embedded in all learning experiences. We believe this equips young women to act with a strong sense of justice and compassion. 

Integrated Subjects

Core learning in the Middle Years will occur across two integrated subjects.

  • STEM: (Science, STEM and Geography). Students learn how to identify problems, design investigations and analyse data to recognise patterns, trends and form conclusions. Through increased digital literacy, they will think creatively and use problem-solving skills to transform their ideas into reality.
  • HUMS: (English, History and Religion) This subject provides opportunities for students to make authentic connections across learning areas and relate these connections to their real world placing it in the context of 21st century learning pedagogies.

Inquiry based learning focuses on teaching skills not knowledge. Students take ownership of their own learning, going beyond memorising facts and content, toward meaningful research. By teaching the skills of observation, analysis, collaboration and problem solving across different learning areas students make connections between their world and what they are learning at school.

Attributes of a Middle Years student

Attributes of a Middle Years student

Staff commitment

As part of the vision, staff at the College are committed to:

  • creating opportunities and the environment for our students to be challenged in their learning
  • inspiring our students to exceed their potential
  • embedding the Kildare Ministries Core Values and Catholic Social Teachings across the curriculum so students act with a strong sense of justice and compassion
Strength and Gentleness