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Botanical Gardens Orchid Enrichment Program

Kildare College staff and selected students are working in collaboration with the Botanic Gardens to save the endangered, white Beauty Spider Orchid which is amongst our most threatened orchid. The enrichment program involves visits to the Botanic Gardens three times a term, and in-between these visits, further enrichment learning that involves enhancing the skills and techniques for the next site visit. Students are also involved in the future Orchid Relocation, visiting the Kaiser Stuhl Conservation Park to determine an appropriate site.


At Kildare, our Enlight Program provides a platform for our students to be extended and enriched. Our range of enrichment activities cross all curriculum areas and support students to explore their talents and achieve their full potential. Enlight encompasses all of our enrichment programs, reflecting the illuminating power that education brings to the hearts and minds of our students.

Each year, the enrichment opportunities are offered to girls at Kildare College based on the results of the ACER Progressive Achievement Tests, NAPLAN, the students' skill levels and interests in consultation with parents/carers and teaching staff.

Dance Enrichment.jpg


Dance allows students to express their uniqueness through movement, explore emerging talents and build self-esteem. Our enrichment program gives students the opportunity to work in a more creative way, accelerating their training (where desired, in consultation with staff and parents/care-givers) to a higher, more challenging level. the exploration of Dance as an inclusive subject; rich in practical and theoretical work involves many facets. Students backgrounds in dance, years of training prior to secondary school and skills in mastering movement are both nurtured and developed, to help students create a learning environment that enhances creativity, inquiry, analysis and interaction.

Our multidimensional program involves:

  • work with dance professionals and industry artists (Artists in Residency)
  • Intensive training in a range of dance styles and techniques
  • Performance opportunities
  • A variety of artistic, cultural and educational projects which expand upon the traditional Dance curriculum.

We are thrilled to constantly strive for new educational experiences that enrich the lives of our students. The possibilities are endless.


Creative Arts

The Creative Arts encompasses Music, Art and Drama and we are proud at Kildare College to offer the following enrichment programs in this area:

Middle Years String Program

All year 7 and Year 8 students are provided with the opportunity to undertake music lessons in either violin or cello free of charge for the first year of their schooling at Kildare. Musical instruments are also provided free of charge, providing an opportunity for students to learn to play and to be a part of the Kildare College String Ensemble.

Arts Showcase Ensembles

Talented music and drama students are invited to participate in the Kildare Arts Showcase, held in September of each year. This is a wonderful performance opportunity and helps to further develop their skills.

Catholic Schools Music Festival Ensembles

Kildare College has a strong tradition of successfully auditioning for and performing in the Catholic Schools Music Festival. Selected students are given the opportunity to audition for this major event held each year at the Adelaide Festival Theatre.

Performing Arts Community Ensembles

Students who study the Performing Arts at Kildare have the opportunity of performing in a range of community settings, including primary schools, liturgical celebrations, community events and nursing homes.

Creative Arts

Physical Education Enrichment.jpg

Physical Education

Students participate in a range of physical activities, including field and court invasion and court divided games. They develop sport-specific skills and an understanding of game-play and tactics.

The introduction of Outdoor Education at Year 7 further extends the Physical Education opportunities offered to Kildare students.

Specialist Netball is offered as a Stage One subject. Specialist netball aims to develop more advanced skills and strategies, improve game sense and further develop understanding of netball specific fitness. Student knowledge and understanding of coaching and umpiring will also be developed as well as injury prevention and management.

Strength and Gentleness