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Beyond the Classroom

At Kildare, there are so many activities, clubs and committees for students to be part of. We encourage all students to get involved and we offer the support and encouragement they need to explore their potential, learn new skills and make connections with others in the community.

We offer a range of sporting, performing arts, social justice and environmental groups, so that there is something for everyone.

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The Arts

With a strong focus on Performing Arts, students at Kildare have many opportunities to be involved in productions both at school and in the broader community. These include the Kildare Arts Showcase, Adelaide Fringe productions and opening parade, the Catholic Schools Music Festival, the St Paul's College musical and the Norwood Christmas pageant and performances to local primary schools.

  • Art Club

Art Club is open to all year levels and allows students the opportunity to continue with any art and craft projects they have started at home. They are encouraged to begin projects of interest and develop and refine art skills.

  • ​Film Making Club

​The Filmmakers Club gives students the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their creative film making skills. The ultimate intention is for students to make a short silent film to be entered in The International Youth Silent Film Festival.

  • Various Ensembles

There are various ensembles that will be running on designated lunchtimes in preparation for calendar events such as Liturgies and Masses, Live at the Gov and more. Keep your eye out for more information.

  • Music Monday

The Music rooms are open on Monday’s for private practice, ensemble rehearsal, recording or even for students to teach their friend how to play an instrument.


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Living Justice | Living Peace

  • Chai and Chat

The Chai and Chat group share stories and connect with other students at the College while learning about other cultures.

  • Environmental Group

The Environmental Club has a focus on sustainability and is committed to improving the environmental wellbeing of the College. Some of our projects include improving the College’s bin system, making and selling bees wax wraps to reduce single-use plastics, and educating the community on how to live sustainably.

  • Living Justice | Living Peace

The Living Justice | Living Peace Group raises awareness about Social Justice issues in society within the College community. The Living Justice group have been instrumental in organising donations and activities in support of various initiatives.

  • Nunga Group

The Nunga Group allows our Indigenous students an opportunity to come together and talk about things that are important to them and chat with other Aboriginal students. The Nunga Group also encourages all of our Aboriginal students to bring a friend in the spirit of reconciliation and work on different projects.

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Explore Interests and Develop Skills

  • Anime Club

Anime Club is a chance for anime and manga fans to connect over their love of Japanese culture.

  • Baking Club

Baking Club allows students to build on cooking skills and make new connections with students who have a love for all things food.

  • Coding Club

Students learn how to code and then practise their skills on various projects throughout the year.

  • Debating Club

Every year Kildare is involved in the inter-school debating competition held by Debating SA.

Debaters develop and improve their persuasive writing and speaking skills, research interesting topics and learn about the world around them.

  • Orchid Club

The Orchid Club gives students the opportunity to propagate orchids, prepare them for competitions and shows, and learn horticulture management. We have an expert lead every workshop to mentor the students.

  • Resource Centre Volunteers

Students help make the Resource Centre a welcoming and calming space for everyone to enjoy by organising activities and special events.

  • STEM Leaders

STEM Primary Partnership: A student led leadership program that empowers young women in the field of STEM. The STEM student leaders in Year 9 facilitate inquiry based activities with various primary school students, linked to the Achievement Standards, which foster the General Capabilities.

  • Writers' Club

The Kildare Writers’ Club is for students with a love of
creating texts, whether that is poetry, short stories, or
articles. We meet to brainstorm and write.


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At Kildare there are many opportunities to be involved in extra curricular sporting teams, carnivals and events. These include:

  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Australian Rules Football
  • Netball
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse

Homework Club

Students have the opportunity to complete their homework in the Resource Centre each day.

Different teachers are allocated different afternoons to help support the students with their work.

Strength and Gentleness