Catholic Education South Australia

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Academic Achievement

Kildare students are consistently recognised with outstanding academic results as well as state and national awards

Kildare College would like to congratulate the Class of 2021 for their outstanding SACE results.

We are extremely honoured to announce that the 2021 Dux of Kildare College is Caitlin Anchor who has achieved an outstanding University Entrance Score of 99.85.

We would also like to acknowledge our Proxime Accessit is En Qi (Angie) Lim who achieved an incredible University Entrance Score of 98.30.

Results Highlights

100% SACE completion

100% of our students received all A or B grades in 21 subject areas

194 A Grades were awarded to our students across all subject areas

77% of students achieved only A and B grades

6 Merits and A+ grades - placing students in the top 1% of the state - were achieved in 5 different subjects.

Strength and Gentleness