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The Tullow Centre

Australian Education Awards - Excellence Awardee Finalist

Category: Innovation in Learning Environment Design

We are delighted to be named an Excellence Awardee Finalist at the Australian Education Awards in the category of Innovation in Learning Environment Design.

The Australian Education Awards showcase the top performing schools for their outstanding achievements and transformative work that makes a profound difference to the lives of young people across Australia.  

Innovation at Kildare is not just a buzzword but an active and transformative process. We are committed to providing an all-girls’ learning environment that enables and encourages our students to take intellectual risks and develop skills and knowledge for the workplaces of the future. The Tullow Centre through its fluidity, progressive and intelligent design, provides the architecture to enhance the students’ learning, promoting innovation, creativity and construction to meet the ongoing, forward-focussed future needs of the students and the curriculum. 

We are incredibly grateful for the dedication, hard work and teamwork from Walter Brooke and Associates, Sarah Construction, Catholic Education, Kildare Ministries, Kildare Education Ministries, Kildare College Leadership Team and Staff, suppliers, students and the community, in bringing the Tullow Centre from ideation through to reality. 

Australian Education Awards - Excellence Awardee Finalist

The Tullow Centre

Creativity | Construction | Innovation

At Kildare College, we are a proud girls' school, which truly understands the benefits of providing an education that enhances confidence, resilience and success. We are genuinely committed to an all-girls' learning environment where students are encouraged to take intellectual risks and develop skills and knowledge that enhances their self-esteem, which in turn helps them grow into confident young women. 

The Tullow Centre was officially opened and blessed on Monday 12 September 2022. The video below was presented at the Blessing and Opening and takes you on a journey of the Tullow Centre, where you will see the state-of-the-art spaces, gain an insight into the purpose of the build and hear from those involved in the project.

Highlighting the skills of problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking, our Innovation Hub – the Tullow Centre – incorporates these skills and spirit with our learning every day allowing our students to be future-ready. 

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The Name | Tullow Centre

Since 1966 when the Brigidine Sisters arrived in Adelaide and laid the first foundations for Kildare, the focus has always been on the academic and wellbeing needs of our students. History has shown us that the first Brigidine Sisters were risk-takers, resilient and demonstrated that by being creative, innovative and brave (and continue to be) anything is possible. In 1807, six women in response to an invitation from Daniel Delany, established the Brigidine Sisters in Tullow, Ireland.

Hence, we are delighted that our innovation hub is named the Tullow Centre, in honour of these determined and courageous women.

A Place of Construction

With a focus on empowering young women to break through gender stereotypes and reach their full potential, the Tullow Centre is designed to prepare students for the challenges of the future.

The Tullow Centre offers Woodwork, Metalsmithing, Jewellery, Digital Technologies, STEM, Media Studies, Podcasting and Photography.

The Tullow Centre is a state-of-the-art facility that boasts a range of modern and innovative features. These include:

  • Construction area for metal, wood, plastics, cement, and acrylics
  • Machinery Room with soundproofing walls to keep particles and noise away from adjacent rooms
  • Digital Technology Laboratory
  • STEM room with 3D printing, laser cutting, and soldering options
  • Science Laboratory
  • Media Suite with a green screen and podcasting rooms
  • Auditorium arena
  • Three general learning areas that can be utilised together or separately
  • Break-out spaces and flexible learning areas for students
  • Administration areas for staff and amenities.
  • Conference room overlooking the Adelaide Hills

In addition, the Tullow Centre features a solar panel canopy, state-of-the-art technology in the classrooms that allow for digital interaction between each room, clear/frosted glass that can be interchanged to enhance student supervision and a lift with a glass panel that allows students to see the mechanism of a working lift.

What sets the Tullow Centre apart is its innovative and progressive design, which is focused on preparing students for the future. The facility has cutting-edge technology and resources supporting collaborative, project-based, and personalised learning practices.

The Tullow Centre has become a landmark and a point of difference for the College, attracting female students who want innovative and forward-focused learning opportunities.

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A Place of Innovation

The Tullow Centre's commitment to progressive education has empowered students to challenge gender stereotypes and pursue new subjects, such as Material Constructions with Timber and Metal.

The building is an educational tool, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

  • Its contemporary design is a primary factor contributing to the Centre's success, which provides students with an immersive learning experience.
  • The innovative features of the building, such as the glass-encapsulated lift system and open cable trays, provide students with an understanding of the lift's mechanics and the technology that links the spaces together.
  • The Centre's commitment to sustainability is evident through real-time solar panel monitoring, encouraging students to make informed decisions about energy use.

The College encourages creative thinking and aims to offer innovative facilities to provide students with opportunities to learn new skills.

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Tullow Centre Solar Panels.jpg

Architects and Builders

Over the term of the project, we worked with Walter Brooke Architects to develop this incredible new state of art innovation hub. Sarah Constructions were engaged to construct the building.

Walter Brooke and Sarah Constructions also designed and built our award-winning Brigidine Centre.

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