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The Benefits of a Girls School

Girls achieve better results in an all girls' setting


Over the years in different forums, there have been many debates in regards to what is best - single gender versus coeducational environments. Data from many various sources clearly shows that girls achieve significantly better results in an all-girls' setting.

Recently, the dialogue of how students best learn is once again being discussed in the media. This is a welcome debate as it gives us the opportunity to express why we value and believe in all-girls education.

At Kildare College, we are a proud girls' school, which truly understands the benefits of providing an education that enhances confidence, resilience and success. Research shows that single-gender girls' schools achieve stronger academic results than any other group in Australia. At Kildare, we are genuinely committed to an all-girls' learning environment where students are encouraged to take intellectual risks and develop skills and knowledge that enhances their self-esteem, which in turn helps them grow into confident young women.

Below are some of the benefits of an all-girls' environment that have been identified by the Alliance of Girls' Schools Australasia:

  • Girls at single-gender schools enjoy not only equal opportunity but every opportunity.
  • All the leadership roles are filled by girls. 
  • Girls are more willing to participate in class discussions without being dominated by boys.
  • In an all-girls' setting, the pedagogy reflects the science behind how a female brain works and how girls grow and mature.
  • Girls report feeling freer to speak and express themselves, which leads to a stronger development of a love of learning. 
  • Studies show that in girls' schools, there is a greater sense of connectedness.
  • All activities are open to girls where they participate, influence and lead.
  • Girls are able and encouraged to explore a career in any area.

Since 1966 when the Brigidine Sisters arrived in Adelaide and laid the first foundations for Kildare, the focus has always been on the academic and wellbeing needs of our girls. The Brigidines are known for their spirit of openness and generosity and these qualities of loyalty and determination, coupled with a sense of adventure, are all part of our Brigidine story at Kildare College. For us today, this means preparing our young women for the 'real world' and equipping them with a genuine enthusiasm towards learning, work and life.

For the latest research on the benefits of girls education visit the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia www.agsa.org.au.


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