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Student Leadership Team

Our 2024 Student Leadership Team comprises of our College Captains and Prefects. 

As role models for all members of our community, the College Captains and Prefects support other Student Leaders and display outstanding leadership qualities. They also demonstrate an interest and active involvement in all areas of the College.

The Student Leadership Team has regular meetings with the College Leadership Team to coordinate activities, events, initiatives, and represent student voice.

Our 2024 College Captains

We are delighted to announce our 2024 College Captains: Paige and Rose.


Paige's Vision

In 2024, my goal as College Captain is to continue to promote equality amongst the college community. I want to make further and deeper connections with staff, and students in the Middle Years to allow them to feel a sense of purpose and empower them to strive for success.


Rose's Vision

As College Captain, I am committed to continuing to create an environment where cultural diversity is celebrated, differences are embraced, and every voice is heard. My goal is to unite, promote empathy, and be the light for our younger students to ensure that they can feel a sense of hope and can thrive academically and personally.

Our 2024 College Captains

Our 2024 Prefects

We are excited to announce our 2024 Prefects: Abby, Annabelle, Katya and Shamsieh.


Abby's Vision

As a Prefect in 2024, my goal is to foster a sense of empowerment among students. I want to ensure all students feel confident within themselves and know that they are a valued member of Kildare, while embracing their skills and talents.


Annabelle's Vision

In 2024, I aim to cultivate a strong sense of hope throughout the College community; whilst supporting younger students to bring purpose into their academics and their Kildare journey.


Katya's Vision

My initiatives will centre on strength and gentleness. I aim to contribute to developing more adult independence skills for the Senior Years students, learning about the fundamentals of real-life situations and supporting them with decisions in their future.


Shamsieh's Vision

My goals are focused on the sense of belonging and acceptance within the College; ensuring that every student feels like they belong and are supported.

Our 2024 Prefects

Strength and Gentleness