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Laudato Si'

Bringing Laudato Si to Life - Paul Beltrame Awarded for Driving a Sustainable Future

An educator of 24 years at Kildare, Paul Beltrame, is the recipient of the ‘Laudato Si’ Award at the 2024 Catholic Education South Australia Awards, an annual event celebrating outstanding outcomes through commitment to Catholic Education.

The Laudato Si' award is 'an acknowledgment of the recipient’s commitment to the principles of Laudato Si through ecological conversion, eco-spirituality, social justice action and advocacy'. Read more about the Awards here.

Bringing Laudato Si to Life - Paul Beltrame Awarded for Driving a Sustainable Future


Paul's Journey and Achievements

Dedicated educator, Paul Beltrame's commitment to and advocacy for Stewardship of the Earth, ignites students' passion and drive to build a sustainable world for the future.

Over his 24 years at Kildare College, Paul has nurtured students' academic growth and enriched and deepened their spiritual connection with creation. Paul has served in various roles at Kildare, as a highly skilled Biology teacher, Learning Leader, Pastoral Care Teacher and most recently leading Material Solutions Course resulting in A+ and Merit achievements. 

Paul's impact extends beyond Kildare College, as evidenced by his collaboration with external organisations such as the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, volunteer groups involved in bird banding and revegetation efforts. Through initiatives like the Orchid Club, propagating endangered orchids and the Wirra Garden at Kildare, Paul immerses students in hands-on conservation efforts, promoting a deeper understanding of biodiversity and the world around us.

Over his 24 years at Kildare College, Paul has been instrumental in: 

Environmental sustainability initiatives such as;

  • Orchid Club
  • Botanic Gardens Partnership (read more here)
  • Wirra Garden (celebrating the diversity and understanding of indigenous people)
  • Location scouting for endangered orchids for care and propagation
  • Bird banding
  • Supporting the Kangaroo Island Revegetation after devastating bushfires
  • Enhancing the students' learning opportunities through unique experiences such as the Physics trip to Arkaroola
  • Using unique methods of teaching in his classes
  • Educating students' with them achieving fantastic Year 12 results in Biology and Material Solutions
  • Professional Development of not only himself, but teaching others around him
  • Planting the seed for our Innovation Hub - The Tullow Centre
  • Driving Material Solutions at Kildare College; implementing the course with a 'can do' attitude
  • Nurturing students as a Pastoral Care teacher for over 20 years
  • Exposing students to unique opportunities; allowing them the chance to discover passions
  • Instilling in students a love for learning and sense of curiosity about the world around them
  • and more!

'I’m optimistic about the future of the Earth, this underpins my teaching in conservation,' says Paul. "I believe that is why we should plant alongside our students, why we can repair the material world with enormous Hope, right up to kingdom come – imagine how much better these plants will grow and blossom then."

Through his own volunteering, fostering partnerships and progressive drive, Paul not only enriches the educational experience for our students but also amplifies the College's outreach and contribution to the broader community, making him a beacon of inspiration for future generations.
Tina Neate, Principal of Kildare College congratulates Paul expressing,
‘His efforts inspire change, within and beyond Kildare,
and are a testament to his character as a true driver of
environmental sustainability’.

Who is Paul Beltrame?

From our community


Kildare is the only school partner that undertakes orchid propagation work in our lab, also assisting with field work such as the reintroduction of an endangered White Beauty Spider-orchid. There’s more seeds banked in long term storage, better propagation methods and there are more plants established in the wild as a result of this collaboration. 

- Daniel Duval and Jenny Guerin | South Australian Seed Conservation Centre.

Paul Beltrame is one of the most interesting, engaging and passionate educators that I have ever met. 

His pedagogical style is centred around experiential learning which at its heart is student centred. Through this he creates lessons and experiences for the students that take them out of their comfort zone and into a place of learning, excitement, and wonder. 

His work with the Orchid club has created a slew of botanists. His engagement with his woodwork class has created a batch of artisan woodworkers, and his work with me in creating a camp to head to Arkaroola has helped create a generation of physicists. 

These experiences and activities have helped students discover their love and passion for the sciences and has allowed them to find a passion in areas that they previously thought that they could not. 

He is an inspiration to students and teachers alike. My teaching has changed for the better because of him. 

- Nicholas Kellett-Southby | Digital Innovation Coordinator 


Mr Beltrame is the type of person that I would describe as kind, caring, funny and supportive. He always checks in on how students are going and fosters connections with them; talking about their passions and interests, inside or outside of school. He is a big believer in caring for the environment and is always talking about orchids during PC. When he leads prayer during PC, he always makes sure that it is meaningful and is relevant. 

- Zara | Year 9 Pastoral Care student


Paul's visionary leadership sparked a significant shift in our collective perspective, particularly regarding girls' education. Through his keen awareness of existing gaps, Paul not only identified the need for improved facilities but also proposed innovative solutions. His initiative in spearheading the needs of the Tullow Centre building not only addressed these gaps but also opened up numerous opportunities for our students, transforming our educational landscape. 

Moreover, Paul's leadership extends beyond infrastructure; he challenges our conventional thinking around pedagogy and environmental sustainability. By encouraging us to re-evaluate our teaching methods and support for the environment, Paul fosters a culture of continuous improvement and forward-thinking within our College. His ability to inspire change and push boundaries has undoubtedly reshaped our perspectives and elevated our commitment to excellence. 

- Raymond Kropinski | Director of Teaching and Learning 


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