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Kildare announces build of $6.4m Innovation Hub, named the Tullow Centre


Construction of a new $6.4m Innovation Hub at Kildare College has commenced, as the College enters the next phase of its evolving masterplan.

Named the “Tullow Centre”, the new building will be a space that inspires creativity, construction and innovation and gives students the opportunity to learn in an innovative, interactive learning environment reflective of society's modern, divergent, flexible, and dynamic thinking. It will be a place where technology, imagination and innovation merge to create new solutions to old problems. Where breaking with conventional wisdom is not only encouraged, but it is expected of the students.

The new building, located on the Lyons Road side of the campus in Holden Hill, will replace an existing building used for Drama and Music, and will include a:

  • Construction area used for metal/wood/plastics/cement/resin and/or acrylics, such as jewellery or metal work, and inclusive of a spray painting area;
  • Digital technology room;
  • STEM room with options for 3D printing, laser cutting and soldering;
  • Science Lab.

The upper level will include:

  • A media suite with green screens and soundproofing ideal for podcasting and film editing;
  • An auditorium arena;
  • Three general learning areas that can be utilised together or separately, and open onto an expansive terrace area.

Break out spaces and flexible learning areas for students, administration areas for staff and amenities will also be included in the build.

Tina Neate, Principal, says “We are excited by the opportunities that this new building presents for our students. We can offer innovative curriculum opportunities, like woodwork, not previously available at all-girls’ Colleges. We’re breaking down stereotypes and preparing our students for the jobs of the future.”

The build itself will encapsulate innovation. The facade will feature a canopy constructed of glass solar panels linked to a digital read out screen within the Lobby space. Students will see energy production in action and make real time decisions as to energy usage and impact.

The Tullow Centre will be the second new building constructed at the College in recent years. In 2019, $4.5m was spent on the Brigidine Centre which houses a gymnasium, dance studio, music rooms and classrooms, constructed in response to growing enrolments and the incorporation of Year 7 into the high school parameter.

Kildare College understands the benefits of providing an education that enhances confidence, resilience and success in an all-girls’ learning environment. The new building will enable Kildare to continually reflect upon pedagogy, teaching frameworks and learning environments to forge ahead of the learning needs of 21st century students.

The Tullow Centre is named in honour of the Brigidine Sisters, in continuing to share the history and story of Kildare and in highlighting the values of the Sisters, preparing students for life beyond the College and being future ready.

Tina Neate, Principal, says, “History has shown us that the first Brigidine Sisters were risk-takers, resilient, and demonstrated that by being creative, innovative and brave, anything is possible…we are celebrating and acknowledging the incredible work of all who have been and are part of our Brigidine story.”

The build is expected to be completed by Term 3, 2022.

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