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Year 8 Camp


It has all been happening in the Middle Years this term. The Year 8 students travelled to Victor Harbor for their camps during Weeks 5 and 6. Our focus for the camp is building connections and it is a fantastic way for students to further strengthen existing friendships and to develop new ones with each other.

Students participated in a wide variety of activities all of which focused on team building. They spent time on the beach, and while the ‘Capture the Flag’ game became very competitive, it was amazing to see each team cheering and supporting their teammates.

Back at camp, students were able to step outside of their comfort zone on the Flying Kiwi, which was the favourite activity by far. They competed in water obstacles, an amazing race, a survivor challenge and another challenge where half of the group were blindfolded and had to rely on their team mates to help them complete the course.

The evenings were action packed as well. Our amazing Peer Support Leaders organised a variety of activities for the first night with lots of fun and laughter. It was so wonderful to see our Year 11 students in their leadership roles as Big Sisters. Their care and compassion was demonstrated throughout each of the camps and our Year 8 students were grateful they were there. On the second night we hosted a Quiz night which everyone enjoyed.

Many students commented that they were tired but had a great time!

Kim Thomas
Middle Years Coordinator

Strength and Gentleness