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Term 1 Academic Assembly.jpg

Academic Awards Assembly

16 February 2024

Our College community gathered yesterday to celebrate the incredible achievements of our current students and our Class of 2023. We congratulate everyone for their dedication, and commitment to aspiring to achieve their personal best.

Shrove Tuesday

13 February 2024

Today, the smell of pancakes filled the air as students and staff gathered to enjoy pancakes to mark Shrove Tuesday. All funds raised will be donated to Caritas for Project Compassion.

Shrove Tuesday.jpg

Senior Formal 2024

09 February 2024

What a way to start the year! Our Years 11 and 12 students danced the night away at the annual Senior Formal; an evening of sparkle, connections and memories to cherish.
More photos will be in our College Blog, released on Friday.

IMG_8642 copy.jpg

Girls' Achieve Day 2024

31 January 2024

What a day! Girls' Achieve Day marks the first day of our entire student community being together. A time to focus on reconnecting with others through a variety of activities, our Years 7 - 12 students enjoyed a fun filled day.
More photos will be in our College Blog on Friday. To receive our Blog, join our Mailing List: https://www.kildare.catholic.edu.au/.../join-our-mailing...

Girls' Achieve Day 2024.jpg

Welcome To Kildare

30 January 2024

Today we welcomed our new students for their first official day of secondary education with us. Natural nerves were settled when the students arrived to a warm welcome, which provided a smooth transition to life at Kildare.

Welcome To Kildare 2024.jpg

'Fashioning' her future!

17 January 2024

'Fashioning' her future!
Lila, an exceptionally talented designer, seamstress and 2021 graduate of Kildare College, is paving her way in the world of fashion design. Her recent triumph; being awarded the winner of ‘RSVP Ready’, a fashion event at Burnside Village. This event is an amazing opportunity for emerging South Australian fashion designers to showcase their wonderful creations and dive into the fashion industry.
We congratulate Lila and wish her the best with her flourishing career in fashion design.

Lila- Fashion Award.jpg

Middle Years' Connections

27 December 2023

Our Years 9 and 10 students connected with each other and reflected on bowling as a metaphor for life.
Sometimes we get a strike (success) and sometimes a spare (near miss), depending on our choice of ball and position, but it is how we respond to life's events that shapes us into the people we are.
Our students supported and encouraged each other through an afternoon of fun and engagement.

Middle Years Bowling.jpg

Hessian Kildare College Bags

22 December 2023

Kildare College is dedicated to fostering a greener future.
In an initiative where sustainability meets celebration, the College has proudly launched the inaugural gifting of a hessian Kildare Bag to our Year 7 families commemorating their first year at Kildare College.
This special product is a movement towards a planet-friendly future and highlights the extraordinary impact a community can achieve when united in purpose, one eco-friendly step at a time.

Hessian Bags.jpg

2023 SACE Results

18 December 2023

Kildare College is extremely proud of the Class of 2023 for their achievements and their SACE results.
We extend our congratulations for the remarkable individual and collective successes they have accomplished this year.

2024 SACE Results.jpg

Staff Farewell

16 December 2023

A recent emotional celebration at Kildare, saw our community farewell long-serving staff members, Anna Peek, Darren Rice, Angie Selga and Jennifer Tripodi, as they embark on their retirement, with an incredible combined 123 Years of Service in Catholic Education South Australia.
We also thank and acknowledge Lisa D'Antonio for her dedication and 17 years of service to Kildare College.
Their influence and impact remains a significant part of the tapestry of Kildare.

Staff Farewell.jpg
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