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Our Place in Space


To support and enrich learning for our Year 7 STEM "Our Place in Space" unit, students engaged in a session inside the StarLab planetarium. This inflatable Science theatre immersion uses brand new technology to project digital images of almost anything in space. Students zoom past the moon to explore the stars, planets, comets, nebulae and other galaxies.

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Robotics Day 2022


World Robotics Day was celebrated at the beginning of April . Students were involved in a Kahoot Quiz during morning PC, as well as a Lego Robot challenge at lunchtime, which was won by two very persistent Year 7 students!

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Fabulous Fun Days in the Middle Years!


As we approach the end of the school term and take time to reflect on the last eleven weeks, there is so much for us to be grateful for in the Middle Years, both for what has been and for what is to come. Term 1 has been a very busy term, filled with many activities and events for our Middle Years students, all of which have been underpinned by the wonderful, heart-warming sense of hope, joy, comradery, celebration and love that has permeated across all aspects of our Middle Years family this year.

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Peer Mentoring and Homework Club


Homework Club has had a long tradition at Kildare College, with many students taking advantage of attending the Resource Centre on any weekday afternoon to get a head start on homework set for the evening. 

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Design and Technology Week


Design and Technology Week included celebrating World Home Economics Day while also getting students involved in a range of activities each day.

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Medieval Fair



The Year 8 Medieval Fair was, once again, a huge success! Our students rose to the occasion and dressed in brilliant costumes to enjoy a variety of activities and celebrations.

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An Easter Reflection


As we finish the term we come to the significant events of Holy week. These events, culminating with the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus, are at the centre of our Christian faith.

Before his capture, on the Thursday night, Jesus had a last meal with his Disciples. During the course of the evening he washed their feet. The washing of feet before a meal was a common practice in first century Palestine. People wore sandals in desert conditions and so feet would get dirty. When they sat to eat, they usually sat on the floor and shared a meal from a common bowl. Feet, therefore, needed to be washed as they were in very close proximity to hands and food. Nevertheless, feet were more than just washed. As walking was the principal mode of transport and sandals were not the most comfortable, it was common to have sore and aching feet.

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Meet the face behind the Kildare College Marketing Campaign in 2022


For Year 10 student Paige, attending Kildare College was never in the picture for her future, nor did she know that it was even an option!

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The future is bright at Kildare as students choose their own future with innovative subject choices


Kildare is renowned for being a student-centred College, where the students are consulted in decision making that directly relates to them, including which subjects they might like to study in the future.

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Future Innovation a Key Priority in New Organisational Structure for Kildare College


In a year of great transformation and growth, Kildare College welcoming the largest cohort of students to the College in its history, and launched a new organisational structure centred on future innovation, appointing three staff members to the positions of Future Innovation Coach. 

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Strength and Gentleness