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STEM and Material Studies

16 May 2024

Our Tullow Centre Construction Zone is a hub of activity with our Year 7 STEM and Year 8 Material Solutions students developing their skills in metalwork.
Year 7 students are learning jewellery techniques and Year 8 students have designed and made their own window charms - they look fantastic! Our purpose-built facilities provide students with many unique opportunities and we look forward to seeing creativity continue to flourish across the year.

Why Kildare?

15 May 2024

Why Kildare College?
Today marks the beginning of Catholic Education Week; an opportunity to celebrate quality teaching and learning across Catholic Education South Australia.
We reflect on the incredible opportunities available to our students; from Woodwork, Science, Dance, Media and Café Culture, to experiences beyond the classroom. There are so many ways for our students to find their place at Kildare.
Would you like to visit the College to explore what sets Kildare apart?
You are warmly invited to join us on a College Tour and be welcomed by our Principal Tina Neate, staff and student leaders.
Please visit our website to see College tour dates and register your attendance: https://www.kildare.catholic.edu.au/.../college-tour...


Mother's Day

12 May 2024

Happy Mother's Day!
On Friday we welcomed mothers, grandmothers, and female caregivers to our third annual Mother’s Day Breakfast. With an array of delicious food for breakfast, games of pass the parcel and moments of laughter, it was a beautiful morning filled with gratitude for the presence and influence of mothers and female caregivers in our lives.
Please see our College Blog to read more and see more photos of this special event: https://blog.kildare.catholic.edu.au/term-2-week-2-2024/

Mum's Day.jpg

Animals Anonymous

07 May 2024

Today our Year 7 students were visited by local wildlife demonstrators and environmental educators, Animals Anonymous!
Topics such as biodiversity, adaptations, life cycles, threatened species, and classifications enrich students' learning through engagement with native animals.


Sports Day 2024

02 May 2024

Our Sports Day for 2024 was nothing short of incredible!
Brigid, Chanel, Delany, Kildare and Nagle House all displayed friendly rivalry, enthusiasm and team spirit across the day, beginning with House chants followed by individual and novelty events.
We are excited to announce:
The overall Winner of the day is DELANY (fourth year in a row!)
The Spirit Cup Winner is BRIGID (second year in a row!)
Our Year Level Champions are:
Year 7 - Franceska
Year 8 - Gabriella
Year 9 - Aizure
Year 10 - Phoebe (Overall Champion of the day)
Year 11 - Ella
Year 12 - Charli
Congratulations to everyone for what has been a wonderful Sports Day for 2024.

Sports Day.jpg

The Educator - Rising Star Award

18 April 2024

We are so proud to share that Patrick Johnson, English Curriculum Coordinator and Gifted Education Key Teacher at Kildare College, has been awarded the prestigious ‘Rising Star’ title by The Educator; which recognises educators who demonstrate effective leadership, innovation, and achievement.
Patrick's outstanding leadership and innovative teaching and learning initiatives have garnered commendation from the community, with his latest achievement marking the official launch of 'Enlight,' a Gifted Education Framework at Kildare College.
The Enlight Gifted Education Program aims to facilitate an educational environment that caters to the unique potential of highly abled learners. The Framework emphasises four key areas for student provisions and adjustments: Differentiation, Enrichment, Extension, and Acceleration.
‘Researchers estimate that 10% of the student population is gifted’ says Patrick. ‘This program will empower highly abled students to achieve their full potential in their domains of giftedness by tailoring teaching and learning to their specialised needs, talents, and aspirations.’
We congratulate Patrick for his incredible achievements and encourage our community to read more about the Enlight Gifted Education Framework here: https://www.kildare.catholic.edu.au/.../enlight-kildare...

Patrick J- Rising Star.jpg

Senior Years Music Night

12 April 2024

‘Stairway to the Classics’, the Senior Years Music Night for 2024, saw our students shine through a sensational showcase of musical talents!
Thank you to those who supported our students and enjoyed a performance full of energy and classic hits.
For more photos, please see our last College Blog for Term 1: https://blog.kildare.catholic.edu.au/term-1-week-11-2/

Senior Years Music.jpg

Parents and Friends BBQ

11 April 2024

The aroma of sausages, onions and veggie patties filled the air at Kildare today, tempting our students to enjoy a delicious BBQ hosted by our Parents and Friends Committee. What a way to celebrate Term 1!
Thank you to our Parents and Friends Committee for hosting this BBQ and Avanti Pasticceria for their kind donation of continental cakes.

Parents and Friends BBQ Term 1.jpg

Kildare Ministries Conference

28 March 2024

An incredible national three-day conference 'Celebrating 10 Years of Kildare Ministries', our governing body, saw over 1300 people from 10 schools and 3 community works, meet in Sydney, Brisbane, Geelong, Melbourne and Adelaide.
The theme, 'Crossing New Seas - Encounter | Dream | Do' - is a testament to our unity and shared purpose, which offered a remarkable opportunity to challenge us to push beyond our boundaries and immerse ourselves in many inspiring activities centred around reflection, envisioning, and action.
It was a privilege to celebrate the beautiful diversity within our Kildare Ministries community. Read more about the Conference on our Special Edition College Blog: https://blog.kildare.catholic.edu.au/term-1-week-9-2024/

KM Conference.jpg

Harmony Week

25 March 2024

The Harmony Week theme 'Everyone Belongs' came to life at Kildare last week through a variety of activities.
Our community wore orange ribbons to celebrate the day, collaborated on an art piece, and were treated to a special Harmony Day Concert, performed by our Senior Years Music students.

Harmony Week.jpg
Strength and Gentleness