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Special Entry Dance Program

The Special Entry Dance Program

Available to students entering Year 7 in 2025

The Special Entry Dance Program is designed to meet the needs of students identified with high potential in the field of dance, offering unique educational opportunities in performance, creative endeavours and studies in technique and theory of dance.

Students will be taught specialised dance training, including fitness disciplines such as pilates/yoga, nutrition, anatomy and technique associated with dance performance. They will study a range of dance styles including contemporary, jazz, lyrical, classical ballet, music theatre, tap, hip hop and cultural styles, and be exposed to alternative dance genres through visiting artists.

Performance events will be an integral part of the course. In 2025 the program will be offered in Year 7 only. Students who are interested in this program will be selected via application and audition. Students audition when they are in Year 6.

Your daughter must be enrolled to commence at Kildare College in 2025, to be eligible to apply for this program. It is an expectation that students have had significant previous experience in dance, or show a strong aptitude and interest, as well as commitment to the program for at least two years (Years 7 to 8).






Application Information

Applications are now open for the 2025 Special Entry Dance Program

Please submit your Application to College Reception or via email info@kildare.catholic.edu.au.

For further information on the Special Entry Dance Program, please contact the College on 08 8369 9999.

The first step in auditioning for the Special Entry Dance Program (SEDP) is to complete the Application Form which can be found below.

Please complete the form with as much information as possible so we have a clear picture of your previous dance experience.

Having submitted the Application to Audition Form, you will then be contacted by the College to confirm receipt of your Application Form.

Audition Information

Auditions for the Special Entry Dance Program will take place on Monday 5 August 2024 at Kildare College. Please sign in at the College Reception upon arrival.

What to wear

Normal dance attire. Please ensure that you feel comfortable, yet are still wearing tight-fitting, flattering clothes. Do not wear anything that could compromise your lines, shape or could restrict movement. Hair is to be tied back neatly, either in a pony-tail or bun. Jazz shoes are the preferred footwear but bare feet/foot thongs are also acceptable.

Can my family and friends watch my audition?

To provide the best environment for the dancers and to enable them to perform without distractions, no one is allowed to observe auditions, except staff assisting with the session. After the audition, students will be escorted to the Mercedes Drive gate to be picked up by their family.

What can I expect at the audition?

Plan to arrive at the audition 15 minutes early so that you have ample time to check-in, warm up and stretch.

At the start of the audition, students will be addressed by the Kildare College dance teachers who will introduce staff and speak briefly about the Special Entry Dance Program and the audition process.

Dancers will hit the dance floor and move through a series of technique exercises and stretches before commencing choreography and learning a phrase of dance (approx. 35 - 45 seconds long).

Once the dance phrase has been taught, dancers will be divided into small groups for ‘showings’ - groups and dancers will be called in as requested by the selectors. Dancers will not be called on to perform solo (students will always present in small groups).

All dancers will be referred to by their number, which should always be easily seen by selectors.

Dancers are NOT required to pre-prepare a dance sequence of their own.

At the conclusion of the audition, please remove your number and return it to College staff.

When will I know the results/outcomes of the audition?

Dancers will be informed of the outcome of the audition via email within 5-7 days.

Feedback will not be given after the audition.

Depending on student numbers, the competition for places can be high. The College will cap the SEDP class between 20-24 dancers.

Selectors are looking for a very specific collection of attributes including: dance skills and technique; flexibility; coordination; ability to learn choreography at a reasonable speed; personality/demeanour; ability to take direction; ability to concentrate; styling of work and presence in the room. Dancers will be given ample opportunity to demonstrate their posture; placement; coordination; body control; musicality and their ability to learn and accurately perform movement phrases.

I cannot attend the audition - what can I do?

Unfortunately, there are no second-round auditions. If you cannot attend, you cannot be fairly assessed against the other dancers in the room. If we allow one student to skip an audition we set precedence that results in the process becoming unmanageable.

A video submission for dancers who (under very special circumstances, such as being away) can be arranged; however, this is not the preferred method of auditioning. Regrettably, if you cannot attend, you will not be considered for the SEDP.

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