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At Kildare, we believe strongly that every student deserves a quality education that is tailored to her individual needs.
We are committed to offering all of our students an outstanding, affordable education.


The Resource component of the fee covers, but is not limited to, the following;

  • 24 Hour Student Disability and Accident Insurance
  • All Curriculum Related Camps
  • Excursions and Swimming/Athletics Carnivals
  • Faculty Consumables
  • Girls' Achieve Program
  • Lock for College locker
  • College Yearbook
  • Student Ambulance Cover
  • Student ID Card
  • Student Printing Credit (up to $40 per student)
  • Textbook Hire (if lost you will be charged for a replacement)
  • Retreats


In order to maintain and continue to build our contemporary educational facilities, we encourage all families to contribute $250 per family to the Kildare College voluntary building levy.


  • Early Payment Discount - 2% on balance owed
  • Low Income Discount - 55% discount on Tuition & Resource Fee measured via School Card
  • Siblings at Kildare College - 10% for 2nd sibling, 40% for 3rd sibling, 70% for 4th sibling
  • Sibling at other Catholic Secondary Schools - 5% on Tuition & Resource of first Kildare Daughter
  • Sibling at other Catholic Primary Schools - 5% on Tuition & Resource of first Kildare Daughter

*No sibling discount is applicable for Year 7 students.

Kildare College has an inclusive fee structure

Kildare College has an inclusive fee structure

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