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Policies and Procedures

KEM Professional Standards Policy

This policy outlines the professional standards expected and required of all members, staff, associates of and contractors to Kildare Education Ministries (KEM). It expresses KEM’s commitment to the promotion of right relationships and wellbeing among all members of KEM school communities, and to the prevention of behaviour that is illegal, inappropriate, wrong, or abusive, and which puts staff and students at risk.

The values expressed in this document are consistent with the Kildare Ministries Core Values, the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, the Victorian Institute of Teaching Codes of Conduct and Ethics, and the South Australian Department of Education Protective Practices.

Please click here to access the Professional Standards Policy August 2023.

Privacy Policy

Our organisation values your privacy. 

Information on this site may be gathered through the use of cookies. Cookies save and retrieve information about your access to the site. Cookies can reveal the user’s IP address, the date and time of access, the pages accessed, the documents downloaded and the type of browser used. Kildare Education Ministries does not attempt to identify users to its site.

Information is also collected from persons who send emails through the site or from persons who log into the site using a password. You should ensure that your password is carefully protected. Email and password protected communications are stored confidentially and will not be disclosed without your consent or for any other purpose. All communications containing personal information are protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Information is also collected indirectly through our access logs which automatically collect your internet address. Statistical information obtained from the site is analysed on a regular basis for the purpose of assessing the usage of the site and improving its effectiveness.

This site contains links to other sites. When you leave this site and access other sites, you are subject to the policies of those other sites.

For further information regarding your privacy, access the Kildare Ministries Privacy Policy and the CESA Kildare College Privacy Statement.

Whistleblower Policy

Please click here to access the Kildare Ministries Whistleblower Policy.

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