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Kildare College Child Safe Policy

Kildare College has developed the following Child Safe Policy as an overarching document that provides key elements of our approach to protecting children from abuse, grooming and neglect.

This Policy forms the foundation of the College’s policy framework, procedures and practices, and ultimately the College’s culture with respect to child safety. It is designed to be Kildare College's public statement of commitment to child safety and a demonstration of the College’s leaders’ commitment to champion child safety in our College.

The College’s Child Safe Policy has been approved and endorsed by Kildare Education Ministries Ltd. Board. 

The Policy is reviewed at least annually, in light of experience, the effectiveness of procedures and the publication of relevant research.

This Policy is published on our public website, as well as communicated through other media such as newsletters, our annual report and in induction and welcome packs for members of the Stewardship Council, staff, Volunteers, Third Party Contractors and External Education Providers.

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