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Year 7 in 2019

Our College will commence offering Year 7 in 2019.

We will become a 7-12 College

You may be aware that in 2015 the South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools endorsed a move towards shifting Year 7 from primary to secondary settings.

Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) is now implementing that decision and most Catholic schools in South Australia will make this change in 2019.

For most schools, Year 6 will become the final year of primary schooling. Year 7 will become the first year of secondary schooling.

The education and wellbeing of the students is our focus, and relies on a seamless transition from Primary school.

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  • Educational benefits
    Students are able to access specialist teachers and facilities.
  • Learning outcomes
    The flexibility of the environment assists to challenge students intellectually.
  • Social and emotional benefits
    Adolescents thrive in an environment that encourages independence and supports social and emotional needs.

It’s primarily about meeting the learning, social and emotional needs of young people across all Catholic Schools.

It is also about strengthening pathways from primary to secondary schools across Catholic Education.

Offering a consistent entry into secondary school at Year 7 makes it easier for students to explore and access all options. We believe these changes will significantly enhance educational outcomes.

We are very excited and ready, to welcome the Year 7 students into the Kildare community.

Kildare’s strong connections with primary schools, experienced Middle Years teachers and an ongoing commitment to professional learning will provide a structured and nurturing transition to secondary school.

The building of our new multi-purpose centre, and refurbishing of a number of learning spaces is on track to ensure they are fit for purposeful and engaging learning.

Beginning Year 7 at Kildare College will advantage your daughter in a number of ways.  She will undertake subjects with specialist teachers who have expertise in their field of study. This will allow your daughter to engage in curriculum at a deeper level with teachers who are experts in their field, thus providing a thorough and rich learning experience for her. 

Learning in the Middle Years at Kildare College is inquiry driven. This means that your daughter is able to take ownership of her learning, by going beyond memorising facts and content toward meaningful research. She will be explicitly taught the skills of observation, analysis, collaboration and problem solving across different learning areas and to make connections between her world and what she is learning at school.

The General Capabilities in the Australian Curriculum are embedded in all learning at Kildare. In the Australian Curriculum, capability encompasses knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions. Students develop capability when they apply knowledge and skills confidently, effectively and appropriately in complex and changing circumstances, in their learning at school and in their lives outside school. The General Capabilities include: Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding and Intercultural Understanding.

All Year 7 students will be inducted at the opening College Mass, at the beginning of the year, symbolising the start of their secondary school journey. Each Year 7 student will be presented with a Kildare College hair ribbon to signify their special place in the Kildare College community.

At Kildare, we recognise that each student learns in their own way and at their own pace. Our smaller class sizes ensure that your daughter gets the attention that she requires, whether is through our inclusive education program that provides additional support, or through our enrichment program, which extends students in areas where their aptitude allows.

Student agency is a key aspect of life at Kildare College. There are many leadership opportunities for students. Each House has the below leadership positions (see attachment).

Opportunities also exist for students to assist the leaders organise and plan events and activities throughout the year, as well as in the classroom and in their pastoral care setting.

 captains matrix.PNG

Enrolling your daughter at Kildare is simple:

  • Contact us for an application form
  • Submit the completed form with the non-refundable application fee
  • You will be invited to attend an interview with a member of our leadership team
  • You will receive a formal letter of offer from the Principal following this interview if a position is available for your daughter
  • Acceptance of this offer is confirmed by payment of a non-refundable administration fee that will later be deducted from the total of your Tuition and Resource Fee on commencement at Kildare College

Please contact the College Registrar via email bcurtin@kildare.catholic.edu.au or phone 8369 9999 with any enrolment enquiries.

Read more about Enrolments or Book a College Tour.

At Kildare, we believe strongly that every girl deserves a quality education that is tailored to her individual needs. We are committed to offering all of our students an outstanding, affordable education.

In 2019, Tuition and Resource fee for Year 7 students will be $3,000. 

This is comparable to the tuition fees of local Catholic Primary Schools.

The fee covers:

  • 24 hour student insurance cover
  • All curriculum related camps & excursions
  • Athletics and swimming carnival
  • Faculty consumables
  • Girls Achieve Program
  • Lock for school locker (hire)
  • Retreats
  • School Year Book
  • Student ambulance cover
  • Student ID cards
  • Student printing credit (up to $40 per student)

For further information about the fees, discounts available or payment arrangements, please contact our Business Manager – accounts@kildare.catholic.edu.au.

Read more about Fees.

We inspire and encourage our students through a range of Scholarships offered to students entering the College in Year 7 & 8;

  • The Delany Academic Scholarship
  • St Brigids Performing Arts Scholarship
  • Brigidine Education Relief Fund Bursary

Read more about Scholarships.

Students are required to wear the Kildare College uniform at all times. The contemporary uniform which includes Summer, Winter and Sports Uniforms, reflects the College’s Brigidine Heritage.

Read more about the Uniform.

Kildare College offer an extensive transition program to help students feel comfortable in their new school surroundings, making this an exciting and memorable time.

  • A visit from current Year 8 & 9 Students to her primary school, in her final year of schooling
  • A Transition Day where she will spend a whole day at Kildare College, getting to know the new environment and other students who will be in her class.
  • A parent information night allows parents and students to come to the College, meet the teachers and ask any questions they might have prior to commencing at the College.
  • A Welcome Day on the first day of secondary school, before the school term commences, to meet the teachers and other students in her class.

A peer support program is also in place where new students meet regularly with the Year 11 Peer Support leaders who support them collaboratively through expectations and procedures of the College, and help them feel welcome as they transition into their secondary schooling at the College.

Read more about our extensive transition program.

We are about to commence an exciting period of development and change at Kildare College. We are welcoming Year 7’s from 2019, and in order to prepare and accommodate for this growth, we’re developing and expanding our current facilities.

In 2017 we will commence building our Multipurpose Centre on the College Grounds. This new facility, due for completion in 2018, will sit proudly next to the existing College buildings, and will house our sports, music and drama departments. We will be able to congregate as a school in this space for College masses and assemblies, as well as host whole-school functions and events as required. A refurbishment of some of our existing teaching spaces will also occur to repurpose for other curriculum uses.

Our Year 7’s will be welcomed into the College community, with their classrooms interspersed around the school based on the location of the subjects that they’re studying. They will not be located in a space separate to the rest of the school. They will have access to all the College facilities.

Read more about the Multipurpose Centre.

The Year 7 Students will follow a core curriculum, maintaining balance across a wide range of subjects. They will complete a semester of elective subjects, to build on their emergent interests and strengths.

Core Subjects;

  • Dance
  • English
  • Girls Achieve Program
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Italian
  • Mathematics
  • Religious Education
  • Science
  • STEM

Elective Subjects;

  • Art
  • Drama
  • Food and Hospitality
  • Music
  • Outdoor Education
  • Textiles

Students are also able to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities including sporting, music and enrichment programs.

The Learning Centre at Kildare College offers students extra support, either in small groups or an individual basis, as required by either Learning Centre staff or professionals from allied agencies such as Cora Barclay, Autism SA, and more.

Read more about the Curriculum.

Our existing vertical pastoral care structure will be extended to incorporate the introduction of Year 7 to the College. Students are organised by House Group, and then placed in smaller groups with other students from year 7-12 to form their Pastoral Care group. Students meet in these groups each morning and afternoon, and remain within the same group for their entire schooling.

Read more about Pastoral Care and Well-being.

The College regularly communicates with Parents and Caregivers via email and text message. A College newsletter is prepared and distributed fortnightly, with moments of the College life also updated on Facebook. Communication between the College teaching staff and Parents and Caregivers may also occur as required.

An open invitation is extended to Parents and Caregivers to all of our College events; Assemblies, College Masses, Sports Day, Swimming Carnival and the like. A number of after-hours events also occur throughout the School Year which your Daughter may be involved with, such as music and drama performances, hospitality evenings, and more.

Read more about getting involved.

Kildare College, in partnership with St Paul’s College, has five dedicated bus routes that service the Eastern, North Eastern and Northern suburbs.

Read more about Transport.

There are many activities your daughter can participate in through recess and lunch times.

Sporting activities are facilitated by our Sports Development Officer in our indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Resource centre has an extensive program of themed activities students can participate it.

Students can gather and converse in many of the outdoor grassed or seated areas around the College if they choose, including the plaza area of the new multi-purpose building when completed.

Learning support is also available throughout these times as required.

Kildare College does not offer an Outside School Hours Care program.

Students are welcome to study (supervised) in the Senior Centre before and after school.

Read more about Beyond the Classroom.

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