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Transition from Primary School

Kildare College is very proud of the care and attention provided to each student making the transition from primary to secondary school. Our extensive transition program helps students to feel comfortable in their new surroundings making this an exciting and memorable time. Our transition program consists of a number of stages, which are outlined below.

Primary School Visits

In Term 2 of Year 7, Students enrolled to commence Year 8 at Kildare in the following year are visited at primary school by Kildare College staff and current year 8 students. This meeting is an opportunity for Year 8 students to speak about their experience starting secondary schooling and for Year 7 students to ask any questions they may have.

Transition Day

In term 4 of year 7, students enrolled to commence at Kildare in year 8 spend a whole day at Kildare. This day provides an opportunity for students to get to know their new environment and to meet other students that will be joining the Kildare community along with them.

Welcome Day

On the first day of high school, year 8 students attend half a day of school before the rest of the student community return from the summer break. On this day, year 8 students meet their new teachers and classmates and are given the opportunity to explore their new school with their peers.

Peer Support

Throughout Term 1, Year 8 students meet regularly with their Year 11 Peer Support Leaders to help them feel welcome and supported at Kildare. Peer Support Leaders also accompany Year 8 students on camp, helping them to feel comfortable and connected.

Strength and Gentleness