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Indigenous Focus

Kildare College ensures that all students have an awareness and appreciation of Indigenous history and culture. We have major college projects to engage students, including our Wirra Arts Project and Kudnarto's Story Mosaic Arts Project.

Our Indigenous students are supported in a variety of ways. We have an Indigenous focus team that is responsible for overseeing these students to ensure that they are receiving the full range of support that Kildare College offers including:

  • individual learning plans
  • tutoring as required
  • monitoring of academic progress

Our students are also encouraged to take part in programs that are offered by the Catholic Education Office such as:

  • leadership programs
  • middle school arts program
  • Yellakka Yellarkarri
  • post school opportunities
  • career pathways workshops
  • the annual Aporiginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Dinner


National Apology Day

Today 13 February is the anniversary on which Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, on behalf of the Australian Parliament and people recognised the heartache and pain experienced by the Stolen Generations. It was a formal apology that acknowledged the Stolen Generations, their individual experiences and gave a promise of hope for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It is a time to reflect on the sad and painful history of the Stolen Generations and recognise moments of resilience, healing and the power of saying sorry.



Strength and Gentleness