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Academic Achievement

Kildare students are consistently recognised with outstanding academic results as well as state and national awards

2018 Year 12 SACE Results

2018 Year 12 SACE Results

Kildare College would like to congratulate the Class of 2018 for their outstanding individual and collective successes achieved this year.

Dux of Kildare College is Talia Yates who achieved an excellent ATAR result of 98.90 adjusted to 99.95, achieving two merits for Research Project A and Religion Studies 10 Credits.

Proxime Accessit (runner up) is Kate Flynn who achieved an excellent ATAR result of 98.45 adjusted to 99.35.

Cara Piantadosi received an excellent ATAR of 98.00, achieving a merit certificate for Child Studies, and placing her in the top three results of the cohort.

100% of our students received all As and Bs in the following subjects:
• Chemistry
• Child Studies
• Dance
• English
• English Literary Studies
• Essential English
• Food and Hospitality
• General Maths
• Mathematical Methods
• Nutrition
• Performance Special Study
• Physics
• Psychology
• Solo Performance
• Visual Arts – Design
• Women’s Studies
• Workplace Practices

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