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Our Staff

Staff contact details

Kildare College staff are a dynamic and inspiring team of professionals who share a deep commitment to educating and supporting our students.

Staff can be contacted through the College office.

Mrs Tina Neate        Principal
Ms Stephanie Armitt Principal's Assistant
Mrs Michelle Camilleri Acting Deputy Principal
Mr Enrico Caprioli  Assistant Principal Religious Identity and Mission 
Ms Lil Mader Business Manager
Mrs Annette Lamont Director of Learning
Mrs Cherrell Murray Director of Learning Enrichment
Mrs Kim Thomas Acting Middle Years Coordinator
Mr Raymond Kropinski   Senior Years Coordinator
Mr Paul Beltrame Leader of Learning
Ms Sarah Cornelius Leader of Learning
Ms Kathy Marusic Leader of Learning
Mr Liam Parker Brigid House Leader
Mrs Zefi Pezos Acting Chanel House Leader
Mr Dominic Ascoli Delany House Leader
Ms Emma Ward Kildare House Leader
Ms Angelica Paussa Nagle House Leader
Ms Kristy Reid Student Reception
Ms Heather Hanks College Counsellor
Miss Mia Davies Social Worker
Ms Rebecca Sarvas VET/Careers Coordinator



Strength and Gentleness