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Kildare House Wins Again!


The 2019 Kildare Athletics Carnival was a great way to celebrate community, competition and the students athletic performance. The weather was outstanding which produced record participation numbers. Congratulations to the following students and Houses on their fantastic results.

Overall Winners:

Kildare                  1021
Brigid                     973
Delany                   899
Nagle                    797
Chanel                  653

Year Level Champions


Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding performances at our Athletics Carnival.

Year level Champions:

Year 7                    Charli Hazelhurst (Delany)
                               & Lilly Sparkhall
Year 8                     Lucy Pavia (Kildare)
Year 9                     Charlyse Ciccarello (Brigid)
Year 10                   Maddie Scott (Chanel)
Year 11                   Kristen Coad (Kildare)
Year12                   Rachel Etherington (Kildare)


Sports Update - Round 2 & 3


Round 2

Junior Basketball – Kildare 1 56 def Kildare 2 24
Senior Basketball – Kildare 1 20 def by Loreto College 36

Junior Volleyball - Kildare 1 0 sets (70) def by MMC 4 sets (97)                 
Special mentions to Fleur  and Natalie  (Fleur with her fine digs and Natalie with her amazing sets)
Junior Volleyball - Kildare 2 0 sets (34) def by OLSH 4 sets (100)
Senior Volleyball - Kildare 1, 2 sets (75) def Pedare, 1 set (53)



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Kildare pays homage to its past as new building is named


Kildare College is delighted to announce that earlier this month after consultation with students, staff and Kildare Education Ministries, it was decided that the multi-purpose centre will be called, the ‘Brigidine Centre’.

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A is for Arduino's in the Art Room


Students at Kildare College have put the A in STEM and are STE(A)Ming ahead of the pack by incorporating an arduino, a microprocessor and controller based technology, into their latest artworks.

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Students demonstrate connection to Country through dance


What started as a full-day professional development opportunity for a member of staff, has turned into two stellar and moving indigenous dance routines by the Kildare College Performing Arts Group.

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Inaugural STEM Fair


In celebration of Science week, Kildare College held its inaugural STEM Fair. This included a ‘Pop Up Arcade’ featuring video games coded by students, a drone exhibition and a Flinders University presentation on nanotechnology; however, the main event of the STEM Fair was the Year 9 cohort presenting their Semester One major project. Tasked to design a device to help someone with limited mobility, students had to research and investigate a disability or device of their choice. 

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2018 Catholic Schools Music Festival


Over 30 of our Year 8 to 12 students represented Kildare College at the annual Catholic Schools Music Festival held at the Entertainment Centre.

Congratulations to both of our vocal ensembles, their respective rhythm sections and solo pianist Cathy Tran who were all wonderful representatives of the College.


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Stewardship Handover Ritual


Kildare College celebrated a significant moment in its history this week as the stewardship of Kildare College was officially handed over from the Brigidine Congregation to Kildare Ministries.

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Woman of Strength and Gentleness


This week Kildare College was presented with an art work entitled Woman of Strength and Gentleness, painted by artist in residence Chris Crebbin with the assistance of the Nunga Group students.

The art work represents the land which is old, and has many stories. It also represents a woman who embodies the love and connection to the land and spirit. She is a story teller and brings people together to keep culture alive.

The art work will be displayed on the external wall of the College by the Wirra, an area of the College dedicated to indigenous culture and learning.

Strength and Gentleness