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Kildare College wins Science and Engineering Challenge


Last week our students took part in the Science and Engineering Challenge, a nationwide STEM outreach program presented by the University of Newcastle, held at Flinders University. The students worked in groups of three or four to tackle different whole-day or half-day challenges, where they put their problem solving and team work skills to the test.

One group was tasked with creating a bionic hand from simple materials such as a glove, straws and string. The aim was to pick up a ball and a straw and to be able to make all of the signs in American Sign Language. The students worked carefully to create the five moving digits and were able to complete most of the tasks successfully.

Another group formed a ‘Team of Spies, sent to acquire top-secret information from enemy headquarters’. They created their own codes to send secret messages back to their using fibre optic rods and coloured light.

A third team was tasked with making a profit, while supplying electricity to as much of a city’s infrastructure as possible.

The highlight of the day was watching our winning Bridge Building team test their unbreakable bridge. Congratulations to Alima, Janki and Fatemeh who tested their skills on stage in front of all the other participants.

Kildare was announced overall winner of the event!

Another accolade for Alice Kerr


Kildare College graduate of 2016, Alice Kerr, has been awarded an Adelaide University Principals' Scholarship, presented at an Awards Ceremony at the University earlier this month. This is the eighth year in a row that a student from Kildare College has won a Scholarship of this kind.

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Kildare College Dancers and Music Students Perform at DreamBIG Children’s Festival

On Sunday 21 May our Senior Dance class and Music students entertained spectators at the DreamBIG (formerly known as Come Out) Children’s Festival on North Terrace. Performing on a stage outside Adelaide’s iconic Elder Hall, Performing Arts students presented a 15 minute program of contemporary dance and music covers “When We Were Young” and “The Voice Within”.
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Introducing the 2017 Year 8 House Captains


We are absolutely delighted to announce the Year 8 students who have been voted by their peers and will join the Years 9 - 12 House Captains for the remainder of the year.

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World Scholars Cup


Last week, nine of our year 9 students participated in the World Scholars' Cup with overwhelming results.

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Private Miller Mack returns home to Raukkan


Almost a century after he was buried in an unmarked, common grave in South Australia, the remains of an Aboriginal digger, Private Miller Mack, who fought in the Great War were returned to his home of Raukkan. Kildare College students, some direct descendants of Private Miller Mack, were honored and humbled to be in attendance.

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Vinnie’s Open Day @ Lunchtime


To raise awareness of the St Vincent de Paul group at Kildare, Mary Bassani, Chaplain, organised a “Vinnie’s Open Day @ Lunchtime”.

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Inspiring and empowering morning


On Friday 10 March Kildare College student leaders attended the International Women’s Day breakfast held at the Adelaide Convention Centre. It was a wonderful event with over 2700 people in attendance.

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International Women’s Day


For International Women’s Day the Justice and Democracy team organised several activities for the school community to participate in.

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Justice, Democracy and Outreach Student Seminar, Melbourne


Recently, Kildare College was invited by the Kildare Ministries to attend a Social justice Seminar in Melbourne, along with Year 11 Justice and Democracy member, Leah Dunn. Through the course of the 2-day program, we were educated on the topics of Catholic Social Teaching, forced marriage, human trafficking, women’s rights and the work of Caritas. 

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